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I was drukn


Well I've been talking to myself in the mirror
And I don't like the eyes that have been looking back
I keep forgetting that I need to eat and my pockets have holes that have loosened from the seams
I can't seem to understand the hold you have over me
But my phone cut away cause I spent all of my money

I'm broken
Breathing like a dragon
I'm broken
Breathing like a dragon

Scrape a penny from the ground and watch the dirt cake in my fingers
Don't you dare look me down cause I have all my diplomas
Play my music in the night when i'm hanging with the homeless
Underneath the bridge is where the cars pass over

I'm broken
Breathing like a dragon
I'm broken
Breathing like a dragon

I'm broke and I'm broken
Since the minute I woke up today
Breathing like a dragon, start this hour
Continue to drag on and find my way
Always up till the break of dawn
Dropping raps
Cut the chit chat
Cause shit's wack
Then pause
My man puts his glasses on
Enter Poorly Made
Don't care for when you make it out
Poor but they're made well in these days
Busking for change in the subway
In a days while their chords dance on ears of passers by they clap for ‘em
While God and Satan applaud too
From opposite sides of the platform
So I find myself along the underpass wondering how those who can eat everyday
Complain they get no pay
Then smoke sess and go pray
But I’m making it, we made this
Call it God, call it patience
Music all the time, jams
Only thing on our minds
Damn, fam
Tight like a one-man band
We know people are strange, man
Always peep respect to the homies
Still, we're gonna upstage them
So gauge the mindstate
You can't say that it's fake, hams
Poorly Made, they dope man
Yo I told you I wasn't joking

I'm broken
Breathing like a dragon
I'm broken, yeah i’m
Breathing like a dragon

They told me I could rise up out the gutter like a star
But you never told me that it's gonna be so hard
When you slipping and you're falling down deeper in the dark
Everybody puts their hearts away and raises hands to laugh, well
My mother taught me how to love
My father seemed to quickly have forgotten what it was, so
I was fucked up right from the start
But now we're getting out and Poorly Made's in all their hearts

And i'm broken
Breathing like a dragon
I'm broken, yeah i’m
Breathing like a dragon
I'm broken
Breathing like dragon
I'm broken, yeah i’m
Breathing like dragon
I'm breathing like a dragon


released November 21, 2014
Julius Sharrock (producer),
Raajmahal, Susanna Chacko



all rights reserved


Poorlymade New York, New York



instagram @poorly_made

Amazing guitar skills, a voice built to move any crowd, and incredible violin abilities is what makes up Poorly Made. Mikhael and JP have a great amount of passion and are looking forward to their journey.
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